Ready-to-use grafting wax

For triangular notch, crown and splice grafting

Ready-to-use grafting wax is suitable for protecting the tissues of trees and shrubs from pruning wounds or wounds caused by weather and for grafting without the risk of dehydration for the scion and the rootstock. Applying the wax where the bark has been stripped allows the vitality and structural stability of the plants to be preserved over time.



Dark brown
Water-based preparation for spring grafting, especially appropriate for all varieties of persimmon. It creates a kind of plastic waterproof film around the grafting point and on the pruning point. This even and adhesive film ensures the rooting of the graft and the healing of the cuts. We recommend binding.
5 kg and 1 kg package.




Bark colour
Special grafting wax to be used at room temperature for plants grafting (fruit plants, citrus fruit plants, ornamental plants) and pruning. It creates an elastic, breathable and moisture-repellent film. It protects the plant’s wounds and ensures rooting and healing.
5 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg and 0.25 kg package.




Straw yellow
Grafting wax with a pasty texture, for grafting and pruning. It can be applied with a spatula.
1 kg package.



Bark green
Wound healing paste for pruning of trees and accidental cuts (rodents, woodworms, frost, lightning, etc.) of fruit and ornamental plants. It isolates vital tissues perfectly and prevents infections.
5 kg, 1 kg and 0.5 kg package.


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