Products for greenhouses

Our products for greenhouses are used to protect any kind of crop (small fruits, vegetables, melons, watermelons, flowers, etc.) from solar radiation and infrared rays, both in glass greenhouses and plastic tunnels, in Spring and Summer. They can be used on all kinds of coverings; they are degradable and have a low environmental impact.



Detergent for the removal of shading paints, such as Serrakolor Special and Serrakolor Strong.
Dilution up to 1: 7 with clean water.
20 Lt package.


Serrakolor Special

Temporary and shading protection for greenhouse cultivation. Self-degradable product.
Suitable for glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film.
Dilution up to 1: 7 with clean water.
25 Kg package.


Serrakolor Strong

Shading removable product for greenhouses with high reflecting and shielding power. Excellent wear-resistance.
Suitable for glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film.
Dilution up to 1: 6 with clean water.
20 Kg package.



White or yellow semi-transparent
Permanent nanotechnological, heat reflecting coating for greenhouses made of plastic or glass.
Dilution: ready to use; if necessary, up to 10% with clear water
15 Lt package.


*The choice of the ideal protection and the relevant dilution is directly linked to the type of cultivation, the climate, the seasonal weather conditions, the desired coverage and other factors to be considered.


Protect your greenhouses and your crops!

Our shading product has the maximum shielding effect in dry conditions to become completely transparent when wet. In fact, in case of rain, the “PAR” light transmission is optimized, bringing benefits to greenhouse cultivation.

It is quick to dry and it plays a shielding action from the first rays of sun with immediate reduction of heat.

Shading paints and heat-reflecting paints can be applied to any type of greenhouse covering (glass, polyethylene film, polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC, etc.); they reduce the internal temperature of the rooms in the presence of strong radiation and they adhere evenly to new plastic without dodging.

Protect your crops from damage caused by overheating your greenhouse during Summer.

Contact us for more information about our products. At the end of the season, or according to the needs, the shading residues can be removed using a special detergent and rinsing.