Materials for grafts and pruning of fruit and ornamental plants

We must be very careful in the selection of products for grafting. On the market there are adhesive tapes, synthetic fiber ribbons and natural raffia threads that have the characteristic of binding the graft but allow the passage of air and environmental humidity. For this reason, you need to buy material produced only by industry experts.

Agrichem, with decades of experience in the field, is able to provide premium quality products for grafting and pruning ornamental and fruit plants.

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Triangular Notch

Crown Grafting

Splice Grafting


Products for

“hot” grafting

Our products are resistant to both low and high temperatures and because of their elasticity and adherence they do not drip or crack; in addition to being easy to use and producing surprising rooting results, they constantly maintain their renowned quality thanks to a very high production standard.



grafting wax

Ready-to-use grafting wax is suitable for protecting the tissues of trees and shrubs from pruning wounds or wounds caused by weather and for grafting without the risk of dehydration for the scion and the rootstock. Applying the wax where the bark has been stripped allows the vitality and structural stability of the plants to be preserved over time. It also acts as an effective barrier against bacterial infections.



Tapes for Winter

and Summer grafting

The grafting tapes we manufacture are suitable for any kind of grafting technique and guarantee a professional result. They are indispensable for protecting the graft from light, air and water. These innovative tapes have unique formulations and properties that allow an easy and quick application, reduce labour costs and increase the success rate for crops.

Why is mastic used?

Gardeners know that experienced and skilled tree service must be carried out twice a year: in the fall, so that they can easily spend the Winter and Spring, before they reach the stage of vegetation. The mastic promotes the healing of pruning wounds and protects the part damaged by drying, insects, bacteria and fungal spores.

In addition, it helps trees withstand the effects of sunburn and freezing. Contact us for more information about the supply of fruit nursery products.

You will find an experienced staff ready to support you in choosing the best items for your needs.